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Arthur Murray Parramatta is a community, a family who welcomes everyone with open arms.

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A pioneer of contemporary social dancing, Arthur Murray started teaching dance in 1912 at the Grand Palace, New York City. His initial success was, in part, due to his involvement in the American social dance scene and his entrepreneurial spirit. Employing advertising techniques considered cutting-edge at the time, Murray’s concept of selling dance lessons by post – one step at a time – took the use of direct mail to a whole new level. Beyond radio and personal dance lessons, Arthur Murray wrote books and brochures to promote the social aspects of dance. The Baroness De Kuttleston asked if he would be her teaching partner. By 1919, Arthur Murray was teaching dance in his spare time. With over a thousand children of different age groups enrolled in his classes, Murray’s dance classes were soon attracting many adults.


Since then, there are now over 260 Arthur Murray Dance Studios in 25 countries across the globe. Arthur Murray dance teachers can even be found not only in studios, but on Hollywood movie sets, backstage on Broadway and working with major entertainers locally and abroad. If a movie features dancing, there’s a good chance that Arthur Murray has been involved in some way, shape or form. Movies such as Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing II, Dance with Me, Beauty and the Beast, Flash Dance, An American President, True Lies, Saturday Night Fever and Scent of a Woman have used Arthur Murray instructors to either teach a dance to the stars and/or dance in the film.


Arthur Murray is located in the heart of Parramatta at

Level 1, 207 Church Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

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